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  1. Development of Antimicrobial Formulations and Coatings on Cotton Substrates for Biodegradable Paper-based Masks (Industry Collaborative Project), LaFabrica Craft Pvt. Ltd., Goa, Principal Investigator, 2022-2023 (Ongoing)

  2. Optimization Studies on Disinfection-Solidification Systems for Pathogenic Biomedical Waste Disposal (Industry Consultancy Project), Bio Vastum Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Angamaly, Principal Investigator, 2022-2023 (On going)

  3. Collaborative Research for Accelerated Development of Materials & devices for Energy harvesting and conservation Technologies (CRADMET, IC-MAP), DST, Principal Investigator, 2022-2025 (On going)

  4. Disinfection-Solidification System for Pathogenic Medical Waste Disposal (In-house Project), CSIR-NIIST, Principal Investigator, 2021-2023 (On going)

  5. Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanomaterials for Non-Conventional Energy Technologies (Nanomission), DST. Investigator, 2022-2027 (On going)

  6. Composite Materials for Flexible Electrochromic Devices, CSIR Mission Mode Project, Co-Principal Investigator, 2020-2023 (On-going)

  7. Chromogenic Materials and Inks for Smart Coating and Printable Applications, CSIR NCP, Co-Principal Investigator, 2020-2023 (Completed)

  8. Flocculant based Disinfection Systems for Pathogenic Medical Waste Disposal (Industry Consultancy Project), CML Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Angamaly , Principal Investigator, 2021-2022 (Completed)

  9. Dynamic Molecular, Supramolecular and Surface Chemistry for Spatiotemporal Modulation of Smart Advanced Functional Materials, DST-SERB (Ramanujan Grant), Principal Investigator, 2017-2022 (Completed)

  10. Fluorescent Pigments for Currency Application, CSIR FTC Project, Co-Investigator and Team Member, 2020-2022 (Completed)

  11. Translating Electrochromic Devices to 1’ × 1’ Dynamic Windows: Towards Industrial Smart Glass Technologies, CSIR FTC Project, Co-Principal Investigator, 2020-2022 (Completed)

  12. Fluorescent Materials for Security Applications, CSIR FTT Project, Co-Investigator and Team Member, 2018-2020 (Completed)

  13. Electrochromic Devices for Efficient Energy Management and Utilization, CSIR FTT Project, Co-Principal Investigator, 2018-2020 (Completed)

  14. Chromogenic Materials for Smart Coating Applications, CSIR NCP, Co-Principal Investigator, 2018-2020 (Completed)

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