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Our research group focuses on the development of functional materials in an attempt to afford performance chemicals for smart applications using conventional wet chemical synthesis. The solution and surface chemistries of these smart materials are investigated for energy and energy management applications and for smart coatings and formulations. Most of our research activities are aligned to the missions of Government of India (Atmanirbhar Bharat, Make in India, Smart City Mission, Digital India, Skill India etc.) and are in accordance with the sustainability development goals.


Our group aims at building an expertise that spans basic organic synthesis, coordination chemistry, surface chemistry, electrochemistry and coating formulations. While focussing our thrust expertise on fundamental research to a priori design molecule-based materials with a set of predetermined properties and/or functions, we also partner with industries aiming at bridging the valley of death in translational research and transforming the acquired fundamental knowledge to demonstrate technologically relevant and marketable products.


September 2023: Treesa, Kezia and Anjali join the group as Project Associates. Wish you all the very best. Welcome!!!

September 2023: Indulekhs defends her PhD Thesis.  Congratulations!!!




Electrochromic Materials, Devices and Energy Storage

Thermochromic Materials and Devices


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Optoelectronic Materials and Devices

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